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How to Reach Sivalik Hills?

Navigating the Pathways: Your Ultimate Guide to Reaching the Sivalik Hills

Reach Sivalik Hills

Reach Sivalik Hills

Nestled amidst the northern reaches of the Indian subcontinent, the Sivalik Hills stand as a majestic gateway to the Himalayas, beckoning travelers with their serene landscapes and lush greenery. Also known as the Shivalik Hills and Churia Hills, this ancient mountain range spans over 2,400 kilometers from the Indus River to the Brahmaputra River, offering a wealth of natural beauty and cultural heritage to explore. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various modes of transportation and routes to reach Sivalik Hills, ensuring that your journey to this enchanting destination is as smooth and memorable as possible.

Understanding the Geography of Sivalik Hills:

Before embarking on your journey to the Sivalik Hills, it is essential to understand the geographical features and location of this mountain range. Situated in the outer Himalayas, the Sivalik Hills span across the northern parts of India, Nepal, and Bhutan, serving as a natural boundary between the plains of the Indian subcontinent and the towering peaks of the Himalayas. With its diverse topography, ranging from rolling hills to deep valleys, the Sivalik Hills offers a variety of experiences for travelers seeking adventure and tranquility amidst nature.

Modes of Transportation to Reach Sivalik Hills:

By Air:

The most convenient way to reach Sivalik Hills is by air, with several airports located near popular tourist destinations in the region. The nearest major airport is the Chandigarh International Airport, which serves as a gateway to the Sivalik Hills and the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana. From Chandigarh, travelers can easily access various hill stations and scenic spots nestled within the Sivalik range.

By Train:

Traveling by train is another popular option for reach Sivalik Hills, with several railway stations located in the vicinity of major tourist destinations. The Kalka Railway Station, situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, serves as a vital transportation hub for travelers heading towards popular hill stations such as Shimla and Kasauli. Additionally, the Kathgodam Railway Station in Uttarakhand provides easy access to the picturesque town of Nainital, located in the foothills of the Sivalik range.

By Road:

For those who prefer the flexibility of road travel, reach Sivalik Hills by road is an excellent option, offering scenic views and the freedom to explore at your own pace. The region is well-connected by a network of national and state highways, making it accessible from major cities and towns across northern India. Travelers can opt for self-drive cars, private taxis, or bus services to reach popular destinations such as Mussoorie, Dehradun, and Dharamshala, nestled amidst the Sivalik foothills.

Routes to Reach Sivalik Hills:

From Delhi:

Travelers originating from Delhi can choose from multiple routes to reach Sivalik Hills, depending on their destination of choice. One popular route is via the NH44, which connects Delhi to Chandigarh and further towards Shimla and Kasauli in the Sivalik range. Alternatively, travelers can opt for the NH9 route, which leads to Dehradun and Mussoorie, offering breathtaking views of the Sivalik foothills along the way.

From Kolkata:

For travelers coming from Kolkata and the eastern regions of India, reach Sivalik Hills involves a combination of train and road travel. The most common route is to take a train to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station in West Bengal and then proceed by road to destinations such as Darjeeling and Kalimpong, located in the eastern Himalayan foothills. From there, travelers can explore the scenic beauty of the Sivalik range and its surrounding areas.

From Kathmandu:

Travelers arriving from Kathmandu, Nepal, can easily access the Sivalik Hills via road transportation. The journey typically involves traveling southwards towards the Indo-Nepal border, where travelers can cross over into India and continue towards popular destinations such as Nainital and Corbett National Park. Alternatively, travelers can opt for flights to nearby Indian cities such as Delhi or Lucknow and proceed to the Sivalik Hills by road or rail.


As we conclude our guide on how to reach Sivalik Hills, we hope to have provided you with valuable insights and information to plan your journey to this enchanting destination. Whether you choose to travel by air, train, or road, the Sivalik Hills promise a mesmerizing experience amidst nature’s bounty and cultural heritage. From the lush greenery of Shimla to the tranquil lakes of Nainital, there is something for every traveler to discover and explore in the majestic embrace of the Sivalik range. Safe travels, and may your journey to the Sivalik Hills be filled with unforgettable memories and experiences.

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